All About Premier Cares

Premier Cares Foundation wants to ensure that no one goes without diagnosis and treatment of urologic & gastrointestinal conditions.

The mission of Premier Cares Foundation is to provide support, education, awareness and treatment to those individuals in the community lacking sufficient funds to address significant urologic and digestive issues including but not limited to prostate and colon cancers.

Prostate Cancer is one of the most curable types of cancer if detected early. Sadly, over 32,000 men die from the disease each year. Similarly, Colon Cancer is one of the top killers for both men and women, but is curable in many cases when detected early. Premier Cares Foundation wants the public to learn about preventative care, as early detection is the key to the best outcome for all urologic and GI diseases. We don’t want people to miss their “window” for cure.

Board of Directors

Evan Goldfischer, MD, MBA, Chairman of the Board

Sunil Khurana, MD

Salvatore Buffa, MD

Robert Dean, MD

Jason Krumholtz, MD

Scott Kahn, MD

Amy Effron

Eve Ashworth

Ron Terry, RTT

Monica Metty

Rachel Tinkelman

Jackie Montfort

Julie Goldfischer, MA


Premier Cares Foundation Staff

Julie Goldfischer, MA, Executive Director

Gia McCormack, Associate Director, Fundraising & Events

Joanne Coratti, Community Outreach Coordinator

Monica Metty, Assistant to the Director (dedicated volunteer)