Mission, Vision and Values


Our mission is to deliver the highest quality, multi-specialty healthcare in the Hudson Valley through clinical excellence and compassionate care.  We are committed to exploring cutting-edge treatments that will advance the prevention, diagnosis and management of disease, while displaying empathy and respect for patients and their families.


To be the premier provider of healthcare services in our region by fostering patient-centered, quality conscious, and cost-effective medical practice.  We will play a proactive role in leading changes in healthcare with innovative medical practices and approaches to healthcare delivery that will enhance the needs of our community.


Patient-Centered:  Provide compassionate care and excellent service.

Respectful:  Respect co-workers and value each patient’s individuality and personal healthcare choices.

Engaged:  Demonstrate commitment, enthusiasm and a positive attitude toward our work.

Mentoring:  Listen, share knowledge, and influence others in a positive way.

Integrity:  Practice the highest ethical standards, display honesty, be accountable and treat others fairly.

Efficiency:  Demonstrate proficiency in what we do; utilize time, resources and finances appropriately.

Resilience:  Adapt and respond quickly to opportunities and risks in order to manage change and grow.