Colonoscopy Prep

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration!!!

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The colonoscopy prep causes the body to lose a significant amount of fluid and can result in headaches, nausea and fatigue due to dehydration.  It’s important that you prepare your body by drinking extra clear liquids before the prep.  Stay hydrated by drinking all required clear liquids during the prep.  Replenish your system by drinking clear liquids after you have finished the prep (before midnight).

Complete the prep

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In order to perform a successful Colonoscopy, the colon must be thoroughly clean.  A clean colon results in the most effective and safest colonoscopy and your prep is more likely to be thorough if you complete the entire regimen.  Be sure to read all prep instructions, follow the recommendations for a pre-colonoscopy diet, and complete each step as instructed.

Stay near a bathroom

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While it’s not the most pleasant thought, understand that after you take your prep, you will experience a significant amount of “bathroom time.”  The prep is meant to give you diarrhea, the action that cleanses the colon.  It’s also a sign that your prep is working.  Many who have undergone bowel cleansing recommend the use of ointments and wet wipes to greatly reduce the effects of many trips to the bathroom.

Beware of other medicines

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Speak to your doctor about medicines that you may need to discontinue before your colonoscopy.  Some medicines may cause complications during the procedure.

Schedule a ride home

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Because of the anesthesia used during the colonoscopy, you will not be allowed to drive 24 hours following your procedure.