Female Sexual Dysfunction

Female sexual dysfunction is diagnosed and treated by the Urology Division as well as the Women’s Center for Continence and Sexual Health.

What is female sexual dysfunction?

Female sexual dysfunction (FSD) occurs when a woman doesn’t get excited, or when she is sexually excited, doesn’t become physically aroused, or lubricated. If you suffer from problems with sex, you are not alone. Four in ten women experience sexuality problems, but very few actually seek help.

From an early age, women are overwhelmed with media messages about what their bodies should look like and how they should act sexually. Other influences are from family, culture, and even religion. Female sexual dysfunction may be the result of a complex blend of emotional and physical stimuli.

Research into the area of female sexual dysfunction has received more attention in recent years, and physicians and therapist are learning more and more about how this affects women.

Dr. Evan Goldfischer is director of the Premier Medical Group Urology Division research department, and served as Principal Investigator for several drugs being studied to treat FSD.