Urinary Control Products

There are a variety of medical devices available to treat incontinence. These products can be spoken about with a physician at the Urology Division and the Women’s Center for Continence and Sexual Health at Premier Medical Group. Those urinary control products designed specifically for women include:


A pessary is a stiff ring that provides support for the bladder. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and may require a degree of trial and error to determine which pessary works best in each case. Patients may benefit from using a pessary if they have incontinence due to a prolapsed bladder or uterus.

Urethral inserts

A disposable device that is inserted in to the urethra and acts as a plug to prevent leakage of urine. A urethral insert may work best for patients that have predictable incontinence during certain activities like exercise. The device is inserted before the activity and removed prior to urination.