Narrative by Gary P. Carbone

I have always been a believer in preventative medicine which for me means looking out for my health before an illness or affliction occurs. I always get my yearly check-ups and see all the specialists that care for any of my present health issues and thank God they have assisted in my continued good health. So when my PSA was elevated over a short period, I thought it best that I see a urologist.

I chose a doctor associated with the group that I had been accustomed to using and after a consultation, scheduled a biopsy. The news was not great. Of the 12 specimens he had taken, 2 were suspect and had a chance of becoming cancerous. He gave me a number of choices an also said that his findings gave me an option of watching and waiting because of the small amounts found. As I had done in the past, I thought it best to get a second opinion so I contacted Hudson Valley Urology/Premier Medical Group.

My first consult was with Dr. Krumholtz. We discussed the biopsy results and his recommendations were along the same line as the first urologist had said except he went into much more detail and additionally informed me of the da Vinci type of surgical procedure. He recommended I see Dr. Rahman who was the surgeon in their practice that specialized in this.

I immediately made an appointment to see Dr. Rahman.

From the moment he walked in and began to speak to me, I felt that this was a warm, friendly and extremely caring medical professional person that is very knowledgeable and knows his craft. After our session I said to my wife Tina, “Dr. Rahman made me feel like I was family. The way he spoke, his demeanor, his body language, facial expressions and mostly the time he took to answer all of our questions made me feel that he is the one I want to put my faith in”. She totally agreed.

After our meeting I explored many other options for treatment but in the end, I chose Dr.Rahman and Premier Medical Group. From the start of my treatment to the present he and the staff have been top shelf professionals. I cannot say enough good things of how I was treated by them.

During my stay I also met Dr. Libin and Dr. Pietrow who were doing rounds at Vassar. They too were very helpful and caring but the best for me was a guy who I feel is kind of a “superhero” to me and that was Dr. Rahman.

This past week I had another follow up and my PSA was zero. That was the best news I could have gotten.

Thanks Premier and a grateful thanks to Dr. Rahman.