Faces of Premier – Meet Our Imaging Team

Premier Medical Group has put together a team of seasoned professionals to provide its patients with convenient, quick and quality imaging. Each of them, along with being an experienced technician, is mindful that our patients’ comfort and security is the top priority.

Imaging Team

BILL ABRAMS started as an X-ray tech in 1979 and began doing CT scans in 1989. He’s been with Premier for more than 10 years.

“The first machine I worked on needed 45 minutes to do a patient’s abdomen and pelvis; now it takes about 20 minutes. Back then we saved images on magnetic reel-to-reel tape, now we save them on DVDs and the radiologist backs it up onto their system.”

“I make it a point to make the patient feel comfortable; I explain, in detail, everything I’m going to do. I’m pretty good at easing the nervous people and treat them like I’m the one lying on the table.”

PHILIP KROCHMAL started working with Premier six years ago and recently, after a distinguished career as a vascular sonographer, joined us full-time:

“Being able to correlate our studies to any other imaging the patient has had, as well as with their medical history, is something that differentiates us from other ultrasound providers. If you go to an imaging center or a hospital, there’s a separation between the patients and their medical history. Having all that information makes for a far more diagnostic exam.”

“Personally I have a lot of respect, for the way Premier maintains a very well-run office. It’s put together to maximize the patient experience and, truthfully, the employee experience as well.”

ANTHONY TOZZI has been a sonographer for 11 years, six of them with Premier.

“We do it all—from abdominal work to vascular work—and though each exam has its own particular challenge, we take pride in being consistent. We’re able to easily talk directly with the patient’s ordering physician so we can gather all the information we need to pinpoint the areas of concern. This helps us put all the pieces of the puzzle together so the patient gets a proper diagnosis.”