Getting Care When You Need It – Introducing the Urology Division’s Same-Day Care Appointments.

As part of its commitment to patient-centered care, the Poughkeepsie office of Premier Medical Group’s Urology Division has instituted Same-Day Care Appointments (SDCA). Current or new patients can now call us in the morning and arrange an appointment with one of the practice’s urology trained Nurse Practitioners before end of day.

Patients have been making use of SDCA for both urgent and nonurgent situations. When acute issues develop, such as kidney stones, painful urinary tract infections, or prostatitis, “patients really appreciate getting in and being taken care of quickly,” says Marylu Williams (FNP-C).  “It eases their minds and they like the convenience of being able to get in to see a specialist when they need one.”

Though area urgent care centers and hospital emergency rooms can effectively deal with some
problems, “It’s always better to go where you know the practice and the practitioners, and they know you and have access to your medical records,” Williams says. An additional benefit of SDCA, and a significant one, is that you won’t have to spend hours in a waiting room hoping to see a doctor; appointment times are adhered to as closely as possible.

At the SDCA, a nurse practitioner will assess the patient’s health concern, prescribe treatment as needed, schedule follow-up exams or procedures and consult with the patient’s regular urologist. New patients receive streamlined access to medical care as Premier staff is expert at gathering all the necessary medical information quickly and efficiently.

Williams notes that some health crises do warrant an emergency room visit. “If you have a fever associated with pain; nausea or vomiting; or unmanageable pain immediate help could be necessary,” she says. “However, if the pain that has been going on for a few days, and you are just waiting for an opportune time to see the doctor, calling us for a Same- Day Care Appointment is a good option.”

For more information or to make a Same-Day Care Appointment, call 845-437-5000.