Premier Belongs: Sunil K. Khurana

The physicians of premier live here in the Hudson Valley, so their patients are also their neighbors and Valley culture and institutions are their culture and institutions. These are some of the worthy organizations they are part of. You can be a part of them too.


Hindu Samaj Temple Blood Drive: Sunil K. Khurana, MD, FACG —Organizer

“Approximately 30 million blood components are transfused each year in the U.S., requiring more than 41,000 blood donations a day to keep abreast of the nation’s transfusion needs. Currently, about 9 million people a year donate blood, a quarter of all those who are eligible to do so. Members of the Hindu Samaj Temple in Wappingers Falls are making sure they do their part. I have organized blood drives in our temple for over ten years and have enrolled many people who had never donated blood in the past but have become regular donors to the American Red Cross.”

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