Premier Medical Group Announces a Non-Surgical, Non-Drug Technique to Restore Bladder Control

The need to urinate frequently and/or urgently can make life miserable for the men and women who suffer from it. Many patients wish there was a way to re-educate their Overactive Bladder so that it would behave normally, letting them live more easily and sleep undisturbed. Premier Medical Group Urology Division is pleased to announce that they now offer a non-surgical, non-drug procedure to treat these symptoms called Urgent® PC.

Dr. Daniel Katz, Premier Medical Group Urologist describes Urgent® PC as a unique outpatient procedure that uses stimulation of a nerve in the patient’s leg, specifically the tibial nerve, to target the nerves in the spinal cord that control muscles in the pelvic floor, which in turn affect the urge for a patient to void. Urgent® PC has proven effective in treating urinary urgency, urinary frequency and urge incontinence. Dr. Katz said, “The procedure for using the Urgent® PC Neuromodulation system is simple. A small, slim needle electrode is temporarily inserted near your ankle and then connected to a battery-powered stimulator. The stimulator’s impulses travel through the tibial nerve and then to the sacral nerve plexus in the spine. These are the nerves that control bladder function.”

Dr. Katz said patients can relax, read, or do crossword puzzles during the treatments and each session lasts 30 minutes. The procedure is performed a week apart over 12 initial sessions. People who respond to the Urgent® PC program usually need a monthly refresher treatment to sustain results.

Dr. Katz said, “the discomfort is fairly limited and for the 60-80% of patients for whom it is effective, it is a miracle to be able remain dry, and in control, day and night, without the need for drugs or surgery.” Patients interested in making an appointment to discuss Overactive Bladder and Bladder Incontinence issues should call 845-437-5000