Premier Medical Group Celebrates Clinical Trial Success as FDA Approves Flibanserin

Premier Medical Group’s Clinical Research Division is celebrating another clinical trial success with the FDA OKFDA’s recent announcement on the approval of Flibanserin.  Flibanserin is a non-hormonal treatment for pre-menopausal women with hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD).  HSDD is the most common form of female sexual dysfunction (FSD) and occurs when there is a persistent lack of desire or absence of sexual fantasies.

Premier Medical’s Clinical Research Division participated in multiple Flibanserin clinical trials during its developmental stages.  One of the Principal Investigators of these clinical trials was Dr. Evan Goldfischer.   Dr. Goldfischer is a Urologist at Premier Medical Group, and is Medical Director of Clinical Research for the Urology Division of Premier Medical Group.

Flibanserin has been nicknamed by many media outlets as “Viagra for women”.  “But, there’s one key problem with that characterization” says Dr. Goldfischer.  “The two drugs work in completely different ways. Viagra works by increasing blood flow to the genitals. In contrast, flibanserin’s target lies in the brain; by the rebalancing of neurotransmitters that influence sexual desire.”

Not only will Premier’s female patients benefit from this treatment but, with the official opening of Premier Women’s Center for Continence & Sexual Health, women in the Hudson Valley will also have a dedicated medical practice specifically charged with addressing sensitive health issues in a compassionate and caring environment. The center – headed by Dr. Daniel Katz – provides a full range of treatment options in one comfortable, patient-centric facility.

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