Premier Women’s Center for Continence & Sexual Health

WCWith the official opening of Premier Women’s Center for Continence & Sexual Health, women in the Hudson Valley have a dedicated medical practice specifically charged with addressing sensitive health issues in a compassionate and caring environment. The center’s providers offer a full range of treatment options in one comfortable, patient-centric facility.

The center actually began accepting patients a year ago, but was still in transition, says Dr. Daniel Katz of Premier’s Urology Division, who serves as medical director.

“With our current lineup of Megan Wright, FNP-BC, and Fran Traver, ANP-C, CUNP, Aileen Moschetto-Martorana, LPN, CUA and Mary Kate Priest, RN, our team is now fully functional and our services are complete,” he says.

“Our goal is to treat all female urologic and pelvic floor issues, including overactive bladder, stress incontinence, pelvic floor organ prolapse and female sexual dysfunction” says Katz, whose subspecialty is female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery.

Continence patients begin by giving an extensive health history and undergoing any appropriate non-invasive testing. “Based on our findings, we create a treatment plan so patients have an idea of what to expect over the course of several visits,” Dr. Katz says. “For something like simple overactive bladder, treatments such as pelvic floor exercises and behavior modification can start immediately.” For more complex cases, medication, acupuncture, Botox injections, interstimneuromodulation (a “pacemaker for the pelvic floor”), or surgical repair may be called for. We offer a range of minimally invasive surgical procedures that produce successful outcomes with little or no side effects and quick recovery. Whatever treatment is chosen, “women can expect excellent results very quickly,” Katz says.

Regarding sexual health, “Megan and her team are well equipped to deal with female sexual dysfunction, including disorders of libido, arousal and orgasm and female hormonal deficiencies,” he says. “We have achieved very successful outcomes, in a setting where our patients feel taken care of.”

The center is designed specifically to appeal to women. “It is a place where women can go for care that is private and sensitive in nature,” he says. “Our team is aware of the anxiety these issues can produce, and we are dedicated to making a difficult situation comforting and positive. We treat patients not just as a number in line, but as a person in a wholesome caring environment.”

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