Method of Operation Application

Subpart 14-2 Temporary Food Service Establishments
  • Note: Food preparation is not allowed in personal home kitchens.
  • Ex: coolers with ice, cambro units etc.
  • Ex: will foods be cooked to order, held hot or cold during service period, self-serve by customer?
  • Note: utensils or plastic gloves must be used to prevent bare hand contact with food.

Special Note: All persons handling food are to be free from infectious disease which can be transmitted by foods and are not to have a boil, infected cut or sore, or infectious disease. They are to wear clean clothing, not smoke or use tobacco while handling food or in food preparation areas, and use hair restraints to minimize hair contact with hands, foods and food-contact surfaces. All personnel handling food are to was their hands with soap and water after using the toilet, smoking, eating or when soiled. The Department of Health reserves the right to limit the type of food to be served.

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