Premier Cares Foundation is proud to announce that funds are available with the “Care” Fund Grant Program.

Premier Cares Foundation is the only non-for-profit charity in the Hudson Valley who solely focuses on patients with urologic and digestive diseases. Partnering with Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley and local community action agencies, our “Care” Fund helps financially-challenged urologic and gastrointestinal patients in the Hudson Valley to receive grants for items such as medication/medical equipment not covered by insurance, housing, transportation, utilities or other expenses at their time of need.  We understand that a diagnoses can mean unplanned expenses that can cause extreme hardship. Premier Cares Foundation’s goal is to make sure that patients are assisted with their urgent needs, so that some of their stress can be alleviated.

Individuals currently undergoing treatment for prostate and/or colon cancer, or other urologic and digestive issues, may be eligible for assistance. If you live in the Hudson Valley and are undergoing treatment for a urologic or digestive disease, you may qualify for assistance with issues such as transportation, medication, and other financial challenges.

If you live in Columbia, Dutchess, or Putnam county please contact 845-452-5104 ext. 123 at Community Action Partnership for Dutchess County.

If you live in Ulster, Orange or Greene county, please contact Carroll Sisco at 845-331-7080 at Family of Woodstock or contact Stacey Lulkin at 845-341-1173 ext. 306 at Jewish Family Service of Orange County New York.

Prostate Cancer Health Forum

The prostate cancer health forum brings together people who are going through or have gone through similar experiences on their cancer journey or their journey with someone who is in treatment.

This is a unique opportunity to share personal experiences, coping strategies, or firsthand information about prostate cancer.

Join a casual conversation in a safe and encouraging place.

These support groups are free of charge. For more information please reach our to:


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Premier Cares Foundation
P.O. Box 93
Pleasant Valley, NY 12569

Gia McCormack
Executive Director

What Recipients of the “Care” Fund Have to say:

“They helped us pay for our oil when I had an intestinal and bowel removal” – John B.

“When I had a gastrointestinal problem, I received several services of assistance including transportation to obtain social security, which stopped me from being homeless.” – D. M.

“The Care Fund helped my husband with services such as water and electric bills, which helped to make him comfortable until the end.  I thank you very much”- Frances A.

“The Care Fund helped me catch up so I can move forward.  I  have had over 30 operations for urinary disease, colitis, and bowel disease.” Chris M.

“Assisted me with some of my bills when I was sick” – Gene

“The Care Fund helped me pay a utility bill when I had a shredded stomach lining and other medical issues” – Michelle

“The Care Fund helped with bills when I was out of work on limited income with my cancer, which took away a lot of stress at a stressful time” – John

“As a patient of Stage 3 Colon Cancer, The Care Fund helped me through the most difficult time in my life by paying part of my mortgage– thank you!!!” – Michael M.

“The Care Fund helped me pay my rent and credit card bills for food and gas when I was incredibly anxious over my condition and mounting bills.” – Annie W.