There are several different kinds of surgeries available to correct urinary incontinence including minimally-invasive procedures. If other treatments, like pelvic floor exercises or medication have failed, surgery may be the best option. Surgical options include:

  • Sling procedures – A sling procedure uses strips of the body’s tissue, synthetic material or mesh to create a pelvic sling, or hammock, around the bladder neck and urethra. The sling helps keep the urethra closed, especially when a patient coughs or sneezes. There are many types of slings including tension-free, adjustable and conventional.
  • Bladder neck suspension – This procedure is designed to provide support to the urethra and bladder neck, an area of thickened muscle where the bladder connects to the urethra.
  • Artificial urinary sphincter – Replacing the sphincter of the female urethra is often valuable for women who have had previous unsuccessful surgeries.