A Better Route for Managing Overactive Bladder Should Have Fewer Bathroom Stops


The SYNERGY study is examining an investigational combination of two drugs prescribed for overactive bladder (OAB) to see if, when taken together, they may provide more relief – and fewer side-effects – than when taken on their own.

If you experience a frequent and sudden urge to urinate, followed by leakage or loss of bladder control, you may be eligible to participate

Who Can Participate:

The SYNERGY study is for people who have symptoms of overactive bladder (OAB) with uncontrolled urine loss.

OAB causes a frequent and strong urge to urinate. When this urge is followed by sudden or uncontrolled leakage, it is considered a form of OAB called “urinary incontinence.” People who have this form of OAB experience moments throughout the day – and night – when the urge is so sudden and strong that they have difficulty making it to the bathroom in time. The SYNERGY study is for people who have this form of OAB.

If you are not being treated for these symptoms – or if your current medication does not provide enough relief or is causing unwanted side-effects – the SYNERGY study may be an option for you.

There is no cost to you to participate in the study, and health insurance is not required.

Study participation lasts 18 weeks. During this time, study participants will receive the following at no cost:

  • At least six appointments with the study doctor
  • Study-related care and monitoring
  • Study medication or placebo


To learn more and to see if you may qualify please contact 

Lisa Crespi, LPN, CCRC # (845) 437-5010