Overactive Bladder

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Join us for a FREE Webinar: Bladder out of control? We can help.

Join us for a free educational event with Dr. Jaspreet Singh and learn about the causes, symptoms, and treatments for Overactive Bladder. Loss of bladder control is extremely common. It’s more common than vision problems and diabetes. But it’s not a normal part of aging. And you shouldn’t have to deal with it on your...
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Join us for a FREE Men’s Health Webinar Hosted by Dr. Jaspreet Singh

A Virtual Discussion About Treatment Options for Bladder Leakage with Premier Urologist –  Dr. Jaspreet Singh Take control of the problem and get back int the game. Join us to hear about the latest treatment options for bladder leakage. DATE:  Wednesday, June 23 TIME: 5:30 PM To register please click the link below: Partners and...
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Understanding Overactive Bladder

Urinary changes are to be expected as one gets older.  In fact, many changes with the body occur with age, but one does not have to live with those changes.  This is true of many socially embarrassing events like the need to find a bathroom urgently, or even experiencing leakage of urine.  Commonly, as both...
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Overactive Bladder Can Be Treated But Many Wait Years With Unnecessary Discomfort

To those who don’t suffer from it, an overactive bladder (OAB) may sound amusing. But for the more than 51 million men and women who have it, the sudden need to find a bathroom, fast, or, worse yet, not getting there in time, is a source of discomfort and embarrassment. A recent New York Times...
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A Better Route for Managing Overactive Bladder Should Have Fewer Bathroom Stops

  The SYNERGY study is examining an investigational combination of two drugs prescribed for overactive bladder (OAB) to see if, when taken together, they may provide more relief – and fewer side-effects – than when taken on their own. If you experience a frequent and sudden urge to urinate, followed by leakage or loss of...
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