Achieving True Weight Loss Success

We all want to achieve true weight loss success. Whether we want to lose 100 pounds, 50 or 15 pounds, what everyone wants is to reach their goals. For some it doesn’t matter the cost. I have many patients that come to see me and some truly think that I have a magic wand that can transform them overnight. Others look at an appointment with a dietitian as a last effort to try and lose weight and others are looking for someone to help guide them by holding them accountable for the foleys and triumphs. Whatever the case, I always tell them that weight loss needs to start with them.

Now, of course many people might think why wouldn’t it start with them? What I mean is weight loss is a journey. We need to look beyond the foods that we are eating at times and look at why we are eating these foods. Are we upset and food is there to comfort us? Are we stressed and skip lunch just to have a vengeful appetite that we can’t control when we get home? Whatever the case is, true weight loss success is about change.

Changing not only the foods that we eat but the way we think about food as well. Turning off the idea that food is a reward, there to allow us to feel successful because of an accomplishment. Also that food is not comfort, food is not there to console uplift us. Food is there to nourish our bodies and give us the power to heal and accomplish many things. By fueling our body the right way I truly believe that this can happen. Taking control of our eating habits is just one step along the weight loss journey.


Theresa Zangerle-McArtin, RD, CDN is a New York State Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist with experience in helping individuals to focus on nutrition in an effort to improve their overall health.  To schedule an appointment with Theresa, please call #845.471.9410 or click HERE

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