Does Herbal Testosterone Work?

Premier Medical Group Urologist,  Dr. Evan Goldfischer, offers sound advice.

In the 3.4 billion dollar global market for erectile dysfunction treatments, there’s always some new notion or potion hoping to capture a piece of the business. When it comes to herbal testosterone preparations, Dr. Evan Goldfischer, Co-CEO at Premier Medical Group, offers a dose of common sense. Dr. Goldfischer is a board certified urologist and a fellow of the American College of Surgeons who has published and lectured internationally and domestically on male and female sexual dysfunction.

He suggests, “patients should be very skeptical about herbal testosterone and other nutraceuticals.” The term nutraceuticals covers dietary supplements, herbal preparations and some foods. Dr. Goldfischer adds, “These products are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and therefore do not go through the same rigorous testing process that non-nutraceuticals have to go through to test their safety and effectiveness.”

Many so-called testosterone products offer extravagant claims of increased potency that, when tested, do not stand up. Rather than spend money on unproven, unregulated products, Dr. Goldfischer states, “we advise men to know their own body and see a professional who can lead them down the right path to optimal health, safely and effectively.”

Men who experience erectile dysfunction should see a specialist for a thorough examination and tests. The Urology Division at Premier Medical Group includes eleven highly experienced, and knowledgeable physicians who maintain offices in seven locations, in Dutchess, Ulster, and Orange counties. For appointments, call 845-437-5000