Premier Urologist – Dr. Kevin Carnes Completes his First Barrigel Cases

Congratulations to Premier Urologist – Dr. Kevin Carnes for completing his first Barrigel cases!

Barrigel® is the only prostate spacer that can be sculpted in place to create an anatomical fit and further minimize the potential side effects of prostate radiation therapy.

For men diagnosed with prostate cancer, there are several good treatment options available. Radiation therapy is one treatment option which can greatly improve your prognosis and quality of life post diagnosis. Radiation therapy uses energy beams to ablate (destroy) cancer cells and stop them from spreading. With technological advances in radiation therapy, treatment planning is more accurate and more precise than ever before. That said, radiation beams can potentially affect healthy organs near the prostate. As a result of treatment, patients can experience bowel, urinary, and sexual complications. A prostate spacer helps to protect healthy organs by minimizing radiation exposure to the rectum during treatment, and ultimately improving quality of life.

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