Take the American Lung Association’s Lung Cancer Risk Quiz

Did you know that approximately 14.2 million people in the U.S. are at high risk for lung cancer and are eligible for screening? Thanks to the latest advances in medical technology, there is new hope for patients and families at risk for lung cancer. The American Lung Association’s Lung Cancer Risk quiz will let you...
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Listen to Premier Urologist Dr. Neil Kocher on Annie in the Morning – Q92 Radio Show

Premier Urologist Dr. Neil Kocher interviewed with Annie from Q92’s Annie in the Morning radio show this week to discuss Urinary Incontinence Click below to hear them discuss the hesitations some women have in reaching out to a Urologist for conditions such as urinary incontinence, pelvic floor disorders, and female sexual dysfunction.  While some women...
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Men’s Health Webinar: Signs, Symptoms and Treatment Options for Erectile Dysfunction and Male Incontinence

Join us for a FREE Men’s Health Webinar! Learn about a treatment for erectile dysfunction beyond medication that hundreds of thousands of men have chosen as a way to return to themselves and an active sex life. Also, learn about a treatment for male urinary incontinence beyond pads or diapers that hundreds of thousands of...
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7 Steps to a Healthy Winter Season

  We want to make sure you stay healthy and happy this winter. From getting good amounts of sleep, to eating healthy to exercising, there are many things you can do to stay healthy. Here are 7 tips for staying healthy this winter. Don’t Forget to Drink Water – One of the best things you can...
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June is National Safety Month – Learn About Medicine Safety

Medicines can help you feel better and get well when you are sick. But if you don’t follow the directions, medicines can hurt you. You can lower your chances of side effects (unwanted or unexpected effects) from medicines by following directions carefully. Side effects may be mild, like an upset stomach. Other side effects can...
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