Meet Premier Medical Group’s New Gastroenterology Physicians

Our team is growing! 

“We are pleased to announce that Premier has expanded its Gastroenterology Division with the addition of four new fantastic physicians,” said the medical specialty group’s CEO, Dr. Sunil Khurana, “which raises our number of gastrointestinal specialists to 14.” 

Each of the recent arrivals is board certified and has a record of patient-centered care. They are:

  • Madhavi Gaddam, M.D., FACG
  • Simona Meca, M.D
  • Tamer Sargios, M.D.
  • Farah Toyserkani, M.D., FACG

We spoke with the physicians to learn more about them.

Patient-focused Treatment    

At Premier Medical Group, we put people first. And our physicians, such as Dr. Simona Meca, embody this ideal everyday, with every patient. Dr. Meca described her approach as one that is gradual, mild and gentle on the people under her care.  

“I like to use the less invasive options and am not so quick to prescribe medication,” she said. A lot of times, patients are fine with changing their diet or lifestyle. “We don’t always need to be aggressive,” she added. “We’re a team.”

Dr. Madhavi Gaddam is another physician whose approach is shaped by the people she cares for. She said many of her patients have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and persons with this condition also may have issues with anxiety or depression, which she factors into her practice.

“The doctor-patient relationship is very important,” Dr. Gaddam said. “They feel comfortable with me.”   

Part of Your Community

Dr. Tamer Sargios has lived in the region for over a decade, and said this factors into how he interacts with clients. “Being here for all of these years, my patients know me,” he said. “I’m down to earth with them. More than their condition, I like to get to know them.” 

New and Exciting Procedures 

Each doctor noted that the field of Gastroenterology is advancing, such as the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases, including Crohn’s Disease and ulcerative colitis. “IBD used to be disabling,” Dr. Farah Toyserkani said. “Now we can offer so many modalities and therapies.” Whereas patients experienced complications and required multiple surgeries, today they can be treated with one or two medications.  

Likewise, a treatment called hemorrhoid banding was recently added to Premier Medical Group’s services. “It’s a painless way of taking care of hemorrhoids,” Dr. Toyserkani said. “It takes just a couple of minutes.” 

See for yourself what a personal level of care can do for you. Make an appointment today with doctors Gaddam, Meca, Sargios and Toyserkani at one of these offices:

  • 243 North Road, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
  • 969 Main Street, Suite 5, Fishkill, NY 12524

And find out more about our new physicians: