Premier Medical Group Introduces Women’s Health & Wellness Center at Premier

Where you can feel comfortable, cared for and confident

Women of every age and stage of their lives need individualized care in a compassionate, supportive environment. That’s why we have created the Women’s Health & Wellness Center at Premier for comprehensive gynecological and urological medicine.

Why a center especially for women?

Research suggests that women are much more likely to have regular health screenings if it is offered in a setting that covers their needs which include:

  • Woman-friendly and woman-centered care
  • A safe and comfortable environment
  • Providing continuity of care

Pelvic health care for all ages

We want our women patients to be able to make good decisions about self-care and that includes seeking and not delaying treatment for pelvic health and continence disorders. Our highly specialized multidisciplinary practice is here to make sure that you have access to providers who have advanced training in the management and treatment of women’s conditions including bladder conditions, endometriosis, pelvic organ prolapse, recurrent urinary tract infections, urinary incontinence, pelvic floor disorders, pelvic pain and related sexual dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, menopausal and post-menopausal health, and infertility.

Three locations to bring women-centered care close to you

The Women’s Health & Wellness Center at Premier offers appointments in Poughkeepsie, Fishkill and New Windsor where we provide comprehensive treatment for a wide variety of women-focused disorders and health needs. The expertise of our team includes individualized and state-of-the-art care to give each woman access to specific treatment options that are appropriate to her personal situation. These include da Vinci® Surgical System minimally invasive prolapse, gynecologic and urologic surgery, vaginal laser rejuvenation and more.  

An atmosphere of compassion, willingness to listen and support a woman’s needs

From through teenage years through child-bearing, into menopause and beyond, women have special physical and medical issues that need regular attention. The ability to talk to someone who will listen carefully to your symptoms, concerns and issues, is invaluable. Our team makes it easy to bring up personal worries or sexual problems. For young women, there may be a fear of pelvic examinations, yet not every first appointment will involve a pelvic exam, and these will only be conducted when a patient feels comfortable and has a full explanation of what is going to take place.

Women’s pelvic disorders – there’s no need to suffer in silence

Almost 50% of American women have issues with overactive bladder or urinary incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse at some point in their lives. These conditions are very treatable and no cause for embarrassment. Yet research shows that women sometimes wait as long as three years to seek care. The Center for Women’s Health & Wellness at Premier exists to make you feel completely at ease when visiting us for care. Nothing surprises us, we’re here to help. So, don’t live in pain or discomfort, when the solution is here, comfortingly close to home.

Gynecological care in a holistic approach

The Center for Women’s Health & Wellness at Premier can provide full gynecology care including your annual check-up for GYN, routine breast evaluation, concerns over painful periods, vaginal discharge, PAP screening, HPV vaccine, disorders of the vulva or vagina, PCOs (polycystic ovarian disorder) and metabolic syndrome. We also offer minimally invasive surgery for fibroids, hysterectomy, and vaginal surgery. 

Female sexual health and dysfunction

It is very common for women to have some form of sexual dysfunction. In fact, as many as 44%  experience some symptoms during their lifetime, such as decreased desire, arousal, ability to achieve orgasm, satisfaction, or painful intercourse. Women’s Health & Wellness Center at Premier offers treatments to modify reversible causes and successfully restore sexual health include vaginal laser rejuvenation, hormone manipulation, sex therapy, lifestyle modifications like exercise and diet, alteration of prescription medications, and other behavior modifications. 

Positive outcomes for prolapse, incontinence and other disorders

You have probably heard the phrase “minimally invasive surgery,” well, it’s not just a phrase. There are so many common women’s problems that can now be solved with a great deal less pain, scarring and with a shorter recovery time. This is particularly true for situations like incontinence and female organ prolapse. Our highly trained surgeons can provide both minimally invasive da Vinci®  surgery system and non-surgical treatments as well. These include Botox® treatment for urinary incontinence.

Make an appointment and feel good about it!

Women’s Health & Wellness Center at Premier is staffed with highly trained specialists who are ready to help you feel better. Make an appointment today and put yourself on a path to lasting wellness.

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