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Understanding Ulcers

Most of us know what it’s like to have a mouth sore. It’s open, it hurts and acidic and certain foods make it hurt more. A mouth sore is a type of ulcer. Normally, a layer of mucus protects the mouth from ulcers but they hurt until they heal. Now, imagine that same kind of...
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Hepatitis C is dangerous and can be deadly. But there is some good news, now it can be cured.

While most of us know that hepatitis C is a liver disease, there’s much more we need to learn in order to protect ourselves against a form of the disease that can cause long-term health problems, even death. Hepatitis C is also known as HepC or HCV. While there is treatment available for hepatitis C,...
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Understanding IBS and Knowing When to Get Help

IBS and IBD – What’s the difference between? We hear a lot about IBS and sometimes about IBD, so some people wonder, are these just different names for the same disorder?  While both affect the digestive tract, the answer is no and it helps to understand the differences: IBS is irritable bowel syndrome It is...
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Coping with Irritable Bowel Syndrome: The Yes’s and No’s of Gut Healthy Living

IBS currently affects one in seven Americans and without a known cause or cure, managing IBS can be very difficult. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to treating symptoms but we believe that with the right information, individuals can manage their IBS and are able to lead a normal life.   If you or a...
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Keeping Your Colon Healthy Can Save Your Life

Colon Health is Whole Body Health Maintaining your body’s overall health through healthy eating is something you often hear about, but sometimes it’s hard to convert this knowledge into a positive lifestyle. This post is going to explore why this is essential and the many different ways your diet and food choices have a tremendous...
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Premier Welcomes Lori Brown-Halbert, FNP-BC to our Gastroenterology Division

Premier is pleased to announce the addition of Lori Brown Halbert, FNP-BC to our Gastroenterology division. Lori is a Family Nurse Practitioner with over 20 years of experience providing exceptional care to patients in the Hudson Valley. She will be seeing patients at Premier’s Poughkeepsie location. 243 North Road, Suite 301 Poughkeepsie, NY 12601 To...
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