Protecting Your Health is Our Highest Priority

As the level of COVID-19 infections begins to stabilize in our community, Premier Medical Group is starting to schedule in-office appointments, surgeries, and procedures that were delayed during the pandemic. It is very important to not delay care like well checks and other preventive appointments. Please be assured that we have taken many steps to make...
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Hudson Valley Parent – Favorite Docs & Healthcare Professionals!

Each year Hudson Valley Parent Magazine asks its readers to nominate their favorite doctors and healthcare providers in the Hudson Valley. We are happy to announce that 8 of our providers have been named – Hudson Valley Parent – Favorite Docs & Healthcare Professionals! Congratulations to: Dr. Parvaneh Borojeni (Pediatrics),  Dr. Christopher Bromley (Podiatry), Dr....
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Premier’s Podiatry Division Introduces the Lunula Laser

Premier Medical Group’s Podiatry Division is proud to be the first practice in the Hudson Valley to be able to offer the Lunula Laser for fungal toenails. This revolutionary low-level laser therapy bringing new hope to people suffering from the painful, discolored and disfigured toenails associated with onychomycosis, or nail fungus. Unlike other treatments, Lunula Laser...
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Dr. Leonard Gerber Makes an Appearance on Hudson Valley Focus LIVE with Tom Sippos!

  Premier Podiatrist, Dr. Leonard Gerber, recently interviewed with Tom Sippos of Hudson Valley Focus LIVE (1450AM) to discuss the importance of proper foot care:     Click below to listen to the interview:
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Premier Welcomes New Physicians to Podiatry Division

Premier Medical Group is pleased to announce that the office of Dr. Leonard Gerber & Dr. Christopher Bromley, who specialize in Podiatric medicine and foot surgery, have joined our group. The addition of this Podiatry practice will bring 5 highly-skilled Podiatrists to Premier’s existing Podiatry Division. Dr. Leonard Gerber, Dr. Christopher Bromley, Dr. F. Gabrielle...
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Diabetes and Your Feet

About 25 percent of diabetics develop foot problems as a complication of their disease. Daily attention may prevent you from being one of them. Most people with diabetes are well aware that, without good glycemic management, their condition can lead to heart, vascular, eye and kidney disease. Less well known is the importance of foot...
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