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Routine Women’s Health Check-Ups: Understanding Screenings and Preventive Care

Premier Medical Group stands committed to helping more women gain the knowledge they need to maintain their health. Regular check-ups and screenings are an essential part of a healthy routine since it helps women establish preventive care while reducing risks for chronic and life-threatening conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, breast and cervical cancer, for instance....
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What You Need to Know About Bladder Cancer

It’s the sixth most common cancer diagnosed in the U.S. (the fourth most common for men), and while the number of cases has been rising, cure-rates are very good when the disease is diagnosed early. The most important thing to know about bladder cancer is that smoking tobacco is the greatest risk factor for developing...
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Celebrate National Kidney Month with Premier!

March is National Kidney Month and we are more than excited to celebrate the role your kidneys play in helping you maintain your health. Many individuals are aware that their kidneys help remove waste. More importantly though, these vital organs perform several other functions – each of which is essential. Knowing these roles can help...
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Celebrate National Kidney Month by Taking Good Care of Them

Most of us are born with two bean-shaped kidneys that reside on the left and right side of your spine and part of the lower portion of your rib cage. While not the largest part of the body like the skin, your kidneys have one of the most important roles in your health: removing toxins...
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Premier Urologist – Dr. Neil Kocher Performs First eCoin Procedure in the Hudson Valley

Congratulations to Premier Urologist Dr. Neil Kocher, who successfully implanted the first Valencia eCoin for urge urinary incontinence.  Dr. Kocher is the first surgeon in the Hudson Valley to perform this procedure. The procedure was performed at Dutchess Ambulatory Surgery Center in Poughkeepsie, NY. eCoin is a unique neuromodulation treatment for OAB.  It’s the only...
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Premier Urologist – Dr. Jaspreet Singh – Brings Awareness to Erectile Dysfunction (ED) in new Docuseries

Recently, Premier Urologist Dr. Jaspreet Singh was selected amongst only four other urologists in the country to participate in a docuseries designed to bring awareness to Erectile Dysfunction (ED), its impact on men and their partners and the surgical treatment for ED. Please take a few minutes to view these mini videos, starting with the trailer. Dr. Singh appears in the third...
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