abdominal pain caused by gastric ulcers

Understanding Ulcers

Most of us know what it’s like to have a mouth sore. It’s open, it hurts and acidic and certain foods make it hurt more. A mouth sore is a type of ulcer. Normally, a layer of mucus protects the mouth from ulcers but they hurt until they heal. Now, imagine that same kind of […]

Smoking: You CAN Quit

Over 16 million Americans suffer from a disease caused by smoking: cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung diseases (such as emphysema, bronchitis, and chronic airway obstruction) and diabetes result in 1,300 deaths every day. “Most people who smoke know they should stop, but it is very hard to kick the habit,” says Dr. Davide Michael DeBellis, […]

The Meanings of Scrotal Pain

It’s often said that pain is the body’s early warning system. In the case of the male reproductive system, attending to pain may preserve fertility. You don’t have to be a martial arts expert to know that a blow to the scrotum tends to incapacitate a man, no matter how tough he might be. The […]

FREE Men’s Health Seminar June 4th

Looking for Relief From an Enlarged Prostate? Learn more about treatment options that can relieve your symptoms and help restore your quality of life Attend a FREE Men’s Health Seminar: Presented by: Dr. Praneeth Vemulapalli, Premier Medical Group DATE: Tuesday, June 4, 2019 TIME: Registration: 5:45 PM Seminar: 6:00 PM LOCATION: Premier Medical Group  111 […]