Adult Vaccination’s Role in Protecting Your Health

Vaccinations aren’t just for children. There are several important vaccines recommended for adults, but too many adults fail to receive them. “Generally, people don’t like getting shots, let’s be honest,” says Dr. Anita V. Pavels, an Internal Medicine specialist with Premier Medical Group. “But adults need these vaccines because there are viruses and bacteria that can still make them very, very sick. The most important vaccines […]

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Spurs Insight on Specialized Healthcare for Women at Premier Medical Group of the Hudson Valley

October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual month-long campaign to create awareness of the disease, is upon us. One of the most successful campaigns in support of medical research, funding and action, Breast Cancer Awareness highlights the importance of better overall health for women across the United States – well beyond breast health. As a […]

exercise and gi health

The Pros and Cons of Exercise When You Have a Gastrointestinal Condition

Most people can benefit from moving their body Whatever your age, there is a proven benefit to taking regular exercise. It’s not just athletes who need to build physical activity, everyone should keep their bodies working in order to: Stimulate the body’s natural processes to repair and maintain it and keep it healthy Maintain bones, […]

Overcoming Male Infertility

Helping couples realize their dreams is one of the most fulfilling things a urologist can do, professionally and personally. After a couple has been trying to have a child for approximately a year without success, they’re considered, medically, to be an “infertile couple.” About 15 percent of couples fall into this category and about 50 […]

Call Today to Schedule Your Flu Shot

Premier Medical Group’s Internal Medicine Division has the influenza vaccine available at all locations. Call today to schedule your flu shot: Poughkeepsie (Atrium at MHRH) – (845) 790-6100 Poughkeepsie (243 North Road):  Dr. Pavels – (845) 454-4600 Dr. Wogalter – (845) 454-4055 Dr. Cho – (845) 451-7271 Dr. Levine – (845) 451-7205 Poughkeepsie (696 Dutchess Turnpike) Dr. […]