Heart Disease – It Can Happen at Any Age

Your heart performs a vital function, pumping about 5 liters of blood on average per minute. While active, whether running or exercising, your heart may pump about 4 times as much blood to help ensure you get the oxygen you need to maintain your energy. In essence, you need a healthy heart to stay active […]

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exercise and gi health

The Pros and Cons of Exercise When You Have a Gastrointestinal Condition

Most people can benefit from moving their body Whatever your age, there is a proven benefit to taking regular exercise. It’s not just athletes who need to build physical activity, everyone should keep their bodies working in order to: Stimulate the body’s natural processes to repair and maintain it and keep it healthy Maintain bones, […]

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Premier Urologist – Dr. Jaspreet Singh – Brings Awareness to Erectile Dysfunction (ED) in new Docuseries

Recently, Premier Urologist Dr. Jaspreet Singh was selected amongst only four other urologists in the country to participate in a docuseries designed to bring awareness to Erectile Dysfunction (ED), its impact on men and their partners and the surgical treatment for ED. Please take a few minutes to view these mini videos, starting with the trailer. Dr. Singh appears in the third […]

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