A woman with urgency

The symptoms of overactive bladder— increasing urinary urgency and urinary frequency—should not be endured in silence. Not only can the majority of cases of OAB be successfully treated, the symptoms may indicate an underlying condition that needs to be urgently addressed. Primary measures An otherwise healthy 52-year-old woman, mother of three, is referred to me […]

Meet Dr. Naeem Rahman

Premier Medical Group highlights their renowned staff of physicians to bring insight into the lives of the accomplished colleagues who serve their community. Meet Dr. Naeem Rahman!               If you weren’t a doctor, what would you be? Journalist or a writer Who or what inspired you to become a […]

Erectile Dysfunction and your Heart

Over the last decade it has been consistently demonstrated that there is a direct cause and effect relationship between cardiovascular disease (CVD) and erectile dysfunction (ED). Dr. Evan Goldfischer of Premier’s Urology Division, makes a point of telling his ED patients, “the penis is a barometer of cardiovascular health.” “The arteries to your brain, the carotid arteries, […]


A vasectomy is one of safest and most effective methods of permanent birth control. It is much safer and less expensive than the other most common contraceptive surgery, tubal ligation. At Premier Medical Group Urology Division, vasectomy is a simple 10-minute procedure performed in the doctor’s office using a local anesthetic. First Thing’s First – […]

The Genetic link of Colorectal Cancer

It has long been understood  that having a family history of colorectal cancer increases an individual’s risk of developing the disease. In fact, many gastrointestinal diseases are inherited or have a genetic predisposition. In recent years, medical research has identified the specific genes responsible for some of these conditions. “There is an inherited condition called polyposis in which people develop […]