Telemedicine – A Provider’s Perspective

Telemedicine – A Provider’s Perspective

By Dr. Manisha Bhutani
Dr. Manisha Bhutani

While the Coronavirus has brought upon unprecedented tragedy and shaken our healthcare system and country to the core, there have been some unintended consequences that have been a blessing in disguise.

Due to necessary social distancing that must be followed in order to minimize the spread of this very contagious virus, telemedicine has accelerated to the forefront of medical practice. As a primary care doctor, I have been using telemedicine in order to treat my patients safely during this pandemic.

Telemedicine has been indispensable for me treating patients in the community with coronavirus effectively. I’ve been able to understand their symptoms, see how they’re doing, and provide them with guidance. As a primary care doctor, I serve as people’s first contact with the healthcare system – and now more than ever, people are looking to their doctors for information and advice. I’m so glad that I am able to alleviate and assuage my patients’ fears and anxiety during this scary time. Not only that, but telemedicine has enabled me to also tend to all my patients’ routine concerns and chronic conditions that should not be neglected during this time.

In spite of the crisis we are facing, we are fortunate to have the technology to utilize telemedicine to support the community with primary care.

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