Searching for an End to Erectile Dysfunction

In April of 2010, a “proof of concept” study published in the journal European Urology examined the question, “Can Low-Intensity Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy Improve Erectile Function?” The prime cause of most cases of erectile dysfunction (ED) is insufficient blood flow (vascular deficiency) in the penis. The current ED medications (such as Viagra and Cialis), vacuum […]

Confronting A Controversy- The PSA Question

For several months now, the prostate specific antigen (PSA ) test has been the subject of many headlines and news reports. The controversy has centered on the question of whether screening all men with the PSA test actually reduces the overall number of deaths from prostate cancer and whether the benefits of routine screening outweigh […]

Getting the Best of BPH

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia is the medical name for enlargement of the prostate. It’s a common condition, affecting more than 50 percent of men in their sixties. Whether your symptoms are mild or severe, we can make them better. As common a part of aging as getting gray hair, prostate enlargement is a condition that the […]

What You Need to Know About Bladder Cancer

It’s the sixth most common cancer diagnosed in the U.S. (the fourth most common for men), and while the number of cases has been rising, cure-rates are very good when the disease is diagnosed early. The most important thing to know about bladder cancer is that smoking tobacco is the greatest risk factor for developing […]

Conquering the Effects of Celiac Disease

A careful diet does the trick, and gluten-free can mean symptom-free for millions of Americans afflicted with this genetic disease of the small intestine. It’s not a food allergy or a sensitivity to certain grains. Celiac disease (CD) is a chronic inflammatory or immune disease of the small intestine that interferes with absorption of nutrients […]