PMG Launches Women’s Center

Premier Medical Group is pleased to announce our new Premier Women’s Center for Continence and Sexual Health. Led by top Hudson Valley urologist Dr. Daniel Katz, this comprehensive center offers women an opportunity to see a knowledgeable team of specialists with more than two decades of experience. Two highly skilled nurse practitioners in the Women’s […]

Bariatric surgery and kidney stones

About 200,000 Americans have bariatric surgery each year in an attempt to overcome obesity after diet and exercise have failed. The surgery, in effect, changes the anatomy of the digestive system to limit the amount of food that can be consumed and the amount of food that the body can digest. Two procedures are most commonly used in the United […]

Reports from the medical journals

Every day sees further development in the science of medicine. Dr. Evan R. Goldfischer provides an overview of some of the new medications and treatments now available to our patients. Developments in the treatment of OAB Pros and cons of the first OTC medication for OAB in women The FDA has recently approved Oxytrol for Women, […]

Premier Medical Group Welcomes New Partners

Premier Medical Group is pleased to announce that New Century Medical Associates will be joining our advanced multi-specialty practice as of September 1, 2013. This new partnership will allow Premier Medical Group to offer expanded specialty services to better meet the needs of the residents of the Hudson Valley. Premier Medical Group offers specialty care […]

What You Need to know about HPV

New guidelines, issued in February by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, urge vaccination against the human papilloma virus for all boys aged 11-12. Vaccination for girls aged 11-12 has been recommended since 2006. We offer this review of the facts about HPV to help parents make an informed decision for their children. Genital […]

An Easier Hepatitis C Cure Test

Clinical trials currently underway at the GI Division of Premier Medical Group have the potential to “completely change the way we look at hepatitis C,”says Dr. Peter M. Varunok, the group’s principal investigator for hepatitis studies. “There are a number of different protocols and medications that are out there being looked at,” says Dr. Varunok, […]