Preventive Care for the Whole Family Begins with Primary Care

Many medical professionals consider primary care to be the first line of defense against chronic illnesses and long- and short term conditions, which often do not affect members of a household equally. Age is a crucial factor. And as any head of household will tell you: coordinating primary care visits for family members of different age groups poses a logistical nightmare.

We’ve gone ahead and simplified the process. At Premier Medical Group, we’re a multi-specialty practice that’s equipped to provide care for you and your entire household.

Going Beyond a Checkup

Visits to a primary care physician have value beyond annual physicals and immunizations. They can create bridges between patients and the larger healthcare system, providing access to preventive health and social services. 

On top of that, an ongoing relationship between you and your doctor creates a sense of trust that can give you the confidence to share your most sensitive health problems, making it easier for your doctor to provide crucial advice

Protecting a Child’s School Performance

For children, primary care physicians are essential for treating acute illnesses that are often spread in schools. But they are also crucial for identifying emotional stress and other health-related problems that may not be obvious to parents or school personnel. Primary care outreach can be a useful tool for locating and treating health-related problems before they impact a child’s development and academic progress

In general, for adults, if you’re receiving care from a consistent source, you’re more likely to get recommended preventive services, such as flu shots, blood pressure screenings and cancer screenings. For children, this means they’re more likely to receive necessary vaccinations when they have access to a primary care physician, making them less likely to develop severe illnesses in the future.

Continuing Care for Elderly Patients

Primary care physicians can also monitor how the aging process affects your health. For this reason, continued care is especially important for elderly patients, who often rely on others for transportation, cooking and other forms of direct care. 

As a result, older patients benefit most from primary care teams that work to communicate with their families or caregivers about the best possible care options. The family practice team at Premier Medical Group accomplishes just that. 

Multi-generational Care From One Provider

As a multi-specialty practice, Premier Medical Group is known for providing quality healthcare services for newborns, adolescents, adults and seniors. Our practice is built around the concept of a patient-centered medical home, which gives you direct contact with your physicians through office visits. With the aid of our Patient Portal, we’re able to communicate with you and your other doctors in our practice.

This means that within your healthcare team there is open communication, allowing physicians and nurses to work collaboratively to provide patients with the best possible care. For a family with a wide range of ages, Premier Medical Group’s team is the best way to provide primary care for everyone. Please browse our primary care practice, which is located under our Internal Medicine branch.