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Summer Snafus:  Treating Sunburns and Stings

We are now in prime time for outdoor activities, and while being outdoors is healthful in so many ways, it is not without its hazards: Insect bites and sunburns become common problems in the summer. Most bee, wasp and hornet stings can be treated at home, and don’t require a doctor visit. If the person...
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Warm Weather Heart Health

  The heart is, above all else, a pump, says Dr. Davide Michael DeBellis of our Internal Medicine Division. “It beats, on average, 72 times a minute everyday of our lives, and it does so regularly, silently and without complaint.” Like any pump, he says, it needs to be primed to work well, and for...
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CDC Defines Flu Season as Epidemic

The Center for Disease Control announced recently the 2014-2015 influenza (flu) season can now be defined as an epidemic. Widespread influenza activity was reported by 43 states including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts. So what must Hudson Valley residents do to protect themselves, particularly if they are in the vulnerable young and older age...
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Depression is a Treatable Condition

As primary care providers, we treat a lot more cases of depression than people may realize,” says Dr. Lorraine Nardi of Premier’s Internal Medicine Division. Over 16 percent of Americans will experience serious depression at some point in their lives, and statistics show that primary care physicians are the sole medical contact for more than...
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Worried about Cancer

A 35-year-old white male complains of difficulty swallowing that he describes as a feeling of tightness in the chest after food ingestion as well as a sensation of the food “sticking” in his chest. He is afraid to eat and has lost 5 pounds; he is a smoker with a history of asthma and a...
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